Thursday, March 1, 2012

Note Taking Apps on iPad

Last week I decided to replace my notepad and ballpoint pen with a iPad and a stylus. I was hoping this would make my life much easier without having to look for missing papers and notebooks. With this decision, it came the quest to find a good note taking app for iPad. As usual I wanted this app to Sync everything I note down across all my devices.

First I found this app called Penultimate.

This is a pretty nifty app for AUD .099 and works pretty great. It also has wrist protection and so you can take notes as you were using a paper note pad. There are custom paper designs built in and you can buy more designs if you want to.This app allows you to create and manage 100s of notebooks. Also it has a very handy feature to backup to a directory on Dropbox. Also you can backup to a note book in Evernote if you want to. (we'll talk about this next). I've been using this app for over a week now and I'm getting use it very well. I might be better off with a good Stylus rather than the cheap one I have right now, but for now they seems to make a pretty good combination.


This is a document management tool. You can get a iPhone and iPad version from Apple App Store as well as a Mac version from Mac App Store. For those of you using Linux or Windows, you can use the web interface, which is very similar to Mac application. This tool allows you to organize your text notes, PDF docs, Images and even voice notes into directories and store them in a central location. These data gets sync between all your devices where you have Evernote app installed. However those of you who don't would have to use the web interface, which is really easy to mater. 

Right now, I do all my handwritten notes using Penultimate and then transfer them to Evernote, so no matter where I go, I'd always have all my notes with me.

Till next time...

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