Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Join RHEL/CentOS to Active Directory Domain 2012 R2

Joining a Linux Server to a windows domain is one of the more advanced tasks in Linux administration, however can be accomplished with the help of a few simple tools.

Login as root

Install the per-requisites using following command,

yum -y install nscd.x86_64 pam_krb5.x86_64 samba-winbind.x86_64

Once installed, open authconfig-tui util

Configure exactly as shown on the screen

Now part 2 (customize for your domain)

Make sure it’s not set to /sbin/nologin otherwise domain users will not have shell access

Save the config

Now enter your windows domain administrator password (only works with administrator)

Joined the domain successfully

Now from here reboot

you should notice a object in Active Directory Users & Computers

to login as a domain user use the following DOMAIN/username